Social Media

Organizations that are present in online networks have an easier time communicating with clients and potential customers.

Social Media are the latest networks, where people exchange information about any- and everything. An increasing number of organizations are utilizing this opportunity to contact their clients. It is important to adapt in order to best take advantage of this new medium.

AlphaBit Webdesign & Online Marketing can consult you on how your organization can best use this opportunity, what you should communicate on your site and how to expand your own network. We competently support you when creating your sites.

AlphaBit Webdesign & Online Marketing enables you to take advantage of the latest trends online.

What our clients say

We run a non profit organisation and for us the Social Media are an effective and low priced tool to communicate with our sponsors and supporters.

We are very happy that AlphaBit Webdesign & Online Marketing also supports us setting up and running our facebook page.

Rita Brazda
Paten Indischer Kinder e.V.

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