We’ve already built the foundation

When your organization needs a website you have three options. You can invest a lot of resources, especially time, to build a website from the ground up. You can choose a quick and cheap solution, that doesn’t look particularly nice or meet your expectations, but at least it is something. Or you can utilize AlphaBit Webdesign & Online Marketing and our “Lego principle”, where we create a website that is customized to meet your needs and desires without any unnecessary expenditure of time.

With AlphaBit Webdesign & Online Marketing you can create a website with all the functionalities required to bring your organization ahead. Through the combination of standard modules and individual adjustments AlphaBit Webdesign & Online Marketing offers professional websites that you can easily maintain yourself – fast and price-efficient.

A successful website is made up of components and functionalities that are tailored to the company. AlphaBit Webdesign & Online Marketing offers you a system, where you – just like with Lego – can put together the pieces you want in order to build your masterwork. Thanks to our professional programmers and IT Experts there are no limits to the functions we can offer. Additionally, your building blocks are considered in the design, so that you end up with a site that is personalized, looks good and works for you.

Following are some of our building blocks, and we gladly accommodate any of your additional desires.

  • Articles
  • News
  • Newsletter
  • Events with online registration
  • Calendar
  • Member Database
  • Products with an online shop
  • Documents (PDF, Word, etc)
  • Slide show
  • External links (such as Youtube-embedding)
  • Contacts
  • Sponsores
  • And many more

Features of your website:

  • Complete modules for text, news, pictures and employees.
  • Effektive communication with clients and members through personalized newsletters, email and RSS feeds.
  • Effective delegation of tasks, to update and maintain the structure and content of your website.
  • Very easy and user-friendly to update thanks to automatic regulation of content and appearance without having to worry about ruining the professional design.
  • No Installation or upgrades required. Our Content Management System develops with the Internet.
  • Personal support and maintenance: We are always there when you need us – for free!

What our clients say

800 students visit the highschool St. Angela in Bad Münstereifel.

The task for AlphaBit was to structure an implement a homepage that shows the broad range of what the school offers today.

A broad experience in setting up homepages became apparent. We were never under the impression that there was a predesigned modul that was forced upon us. On the contrary, the result was an individual website promoting just our school.

Theo Spiluttini
Erzbischöfliches St. Angela Gymnasium

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